Build Relationships. That’s what leaders do.

Build Rewarding Relationships That’s what top leaders do.

Can you imagine holding a meeting where no one shows up? Can you imagine sending a memo and no one replies? Can you imagine making a decision and no one follows your lead? Well, maybe they did something but what they did didn’t do what you had in mind. Surprise! Making decisions and telling people what to do is not the model of functional leadership today.

SHAKE HANDS WITH MURPHY: The Business Leader’s Guide To Building Effective Relationships.

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“You mean paying people to do the job isn’t enough?” Hardly. OK, what is real leadership? How many books have you read that tackled that question? Some of the common answers include:

  • Share the vision
  • Gather the resources
  • Divide the responsibilities
  • Check on progress
  • Celebrate success
  • Say thanks

Look at those answers carefully. They all assume that someone else is involved in what the leader is doing. That’s why building rewarding relationships is THE KEY to top leadership. However, it’s HOW you build those relationships that builds the rewards people seek. Do you start out being a successful leader on your first try? Maybe. But top leaders know that they have to continually improve their skills because leadership is a process, not a plaque or a statue.

How do leaders improve their skills? By assessing their success, listening to their people, participating with other successful leaders; by recognizing that leadership is different in every different situation. By consulting with leaders who have studied people and learned the fundamentals of how to build relationships. That’s where the leader coach comes in: working with the leader who wants to improve and knows that practice, discussion, analysis, and feedback about relationship building are important elements in becoming the TOP leader.

If you’re not a top leader, you need to go further: read more, and if necessary call or write Dr. Fenger.