The Business Leadership Coaching of T. Nick Fenger, Ph.D.

Challenges face every leader and manager in business countless times every day. Each challenge requires its own problem solving and decision process and few of them are slam dunks. To name them all would require the rest of this page and more but most of them can be included in working through the changes that the present business and government climate plus the changes that the work force bring into play. But the challenge is not only the change that is required but the stress of the risk of financial and personal loss that each challenge presents.

Dr. Fenger has been instrumental in developing a coaching process that encompasses the primary factors of business risk associated with change and stress: disagreements, lack of resources, anger, failure to anticipate problems, not thinking outside the box, lack of motivation, failure to operate as a team, the not-invented-here syndrome, poor problem solving processes, failure to plan ahead, lack of training, time pressures, failure to foresee obvious change let alone inferred change, failure to communicate, business cultural differences, and, most importantly, forgetting to consider the customers’ needs and desires. He has written several manuals that have grown out of his consulting experience and available on this web site discussing the fundamentals of how to approach basic business leadership skills.

Corporate clients have retained Business Leadership Coaching services for:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: pre and post consultation for human capital analysis, HR planning (RIFF or manager cross training), Culture difference reconciliation, Crisis Management, Personality differences
  • Repetitive problems that appear irresolvable
  • New product development and introductions; sales campaigns
  • Executives and managers who have recently received promotions requiring new skills and the ability to achieve new goals with new direct reports
  • Strong performers who have begun to derail
  • Technically proficient managers who lack effective interpersonal or management skills
  • Managers who need to improve or face termination
  • Employees who need a safe and confidential environment in which to explore future career options or other personal issues
  • Succession planning in family organizations and businesses that face growth or retrenchment
  • Improving recruiting processes that hire the wrong people
  • Training processes that attack widespread performance problems or change
  • Project teams where the group does not coalesce or cooperate
  • His favorite: finding out what really happens in product manufacture, delivery, and why customers are dissatisfied and how to improve their satisfaction

Coaching Leadership is cost effective. Many clients have reported 20 to one returns in a few months. Some have credited Leadership Coaching with insuring the future of the organization, as well as creating a climate where employees find they like to come to work again. Representative companies include Tyson, Emerson, Monsanto, parts of AT&T, May Company (now Federated), and dozens of smaller organizations.
The Leadership Coaching process includes one-on-one consultation, team building, action planning, and may include 360 feedback questionnaires or other instruments. Contact him after you have had a chance to survey some of the basic skills represented on this site.

Dr. Fenger, has been a consultant and coach to Fortune 500, as well as smaller companies, for more than 25 years. Starting as an Organizational Psychologist and ultimately reaching the level of EVP of Human Resources, he has developed training and coaching programs that have assisted hundreds of executives, middle managers and first-line supervisors to help their team members improve their technical and management skills. His writings and trainings have assisted managers to coach and train their successors so as to advance in responsibility, some of whom have become founders of their own successful companies.

What Clients say:

Dr. Fenger’s coaching has been extremely beneficial to me at several critical points in my
organization's development. His insights have also been welcomed and used by a number
of our members. I highly recommend reading his books.
James McCoy, President & CEO
Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce,
Cumming, Georgia

Through Dr. Fenger’s coaching our managers have improved their communications and
problem solving skills considerably. His suggestions are clear and easily implemented.

Thomas H. Calhoun, President
Yanmar Marine USA Corp.
Adairsville, Georgia

I have had many discussions with Dr. Fenger over a 15-year relationship. His management
ideas and coaching advice have always been useful and focused to the question at hand.
" He is THE business puzzle master."

Bill Bates, President
Oak Tree Group, LLC
Arnold, Missouri